I am, as a professional photographer from London, faced a similar problem. The fact is that sometimes I do not have enough time to edit photos for my clients, that's why I very often turn to the professional editing services. Because almost every year there are updates and constantly adding more and more retouching effects to professional photoshop services, so you should always improve your editing skills. I will repeat myself, I do not have enough time and patience to do all this, so I was very fortunate that I chance upon this article on Linkedin. From the look of things, Jennifer was also tired of looking for the best online photo editing service, so she did a great job writing 25 photo editing services reviews.

My response on Mulrow’sTOP 25 Photo Editing Services Reviews

Jennifer, thank you very much that you labour the subject of the Professional photography editing services.

I collaborated with many retouching services for professional photographers around the world, and in every company I did not like something, whether the difference in time, cost, and quality of the retouched photos or just customer service left much to be desired. I did not seek to find a cheap professional photo editing company, because often my requirements for photo processing are high enough and sometimes a deep artistic retouch is needed and I perfectly understand that such professional photo touch up is expensive, I was ready to pay, but practically no one could fulfill the requested needs. 

And in April one of my friends shared the link to Mulrow's article, the information was very useful. I already know some of the companies mentioned by her, and I want to say that I completely buy into her idea. For example, I completely agree with the shoot dot edit reviews, although I quickly figured out the site, but did not understand why I should pay a fee for the whole year, if I cannot be completely satisfied with their quality of the professional portrait editing.

Also, I can be unflattering about photographers edit reviews, for the usual retouching of a coupled photo, I paid about $ 60, although there was no need for some kind of high-end retouching, I did not write to the contact center managers because I had already paid for the work, and it would be too little too late.

I cannot help saying that I liked to work with Highendbeautyretouching.com, their team is clearly working with the best photo retouchers, because my clients from one magazine were happy with the processing of photos, besides, I often visit their site, even if I do not intend to make the order, but to read their notes, there is a lot of interesting information.

I do not know why Jennifer put only 8 points of the company in her essential edit review. Many of my colleagues of wedding photographers use the services of this company, except for those who independently process photos in various programs. I even collaborated with this professional photo editing service myself and was pleased. It was even more convenient for me to contact the manager first, decide on the required retouching and discuss the price. I really liked the result, besides, I received it very quickly.


 By the way, I have just already seen that Jennifer very low estimated Digitalphotoeditingservices.com, I personally do not like their interface and, perhaps, agree with digital photo editing services review. If I spend more than 1 minute on the company's website in search of work costs and how to make an order, and there is nothing else like this (for example, articles or beautiful pictures) that would catch my view, then I close the site.

Lately, I prefer cooperation with several photo editing companies for photographers, depending on the wishes of my clients what kind of photo processing they want to receive or in my opinion, someone is better performing the professional portrait retouching, and someone better processes artistic or wedding photo editing. Some of the companies I work with have coincided with the leading places in Jennifer Mulrow's ranking, this is Photorelive.com and Fixthephoto.com. Both professional photo retouching services have an interesting and user-friendly interface, many beautiful examples and exact cost for each kind of retouching. In photorelive reviews it was noted that prices are slightly higher than usual, for such service and quality, it seems to me entirely justified. And there are many articles on the Fixthephoto.com website, and if you wait long for the results from them, you can go and read their stories.

I will finish my review. I want to thank Jennifer once again that she was not afraid to undertake such an analysis, to spend her money and time to bring all the information received to the proper view. It's very nice that there are such enthusiasts among photographers who are not just looking for themselves the best photo retouching services, but finding them and sharing them with others. It's not advertising, it's help, so that more clients come to you, like a photographer.

And if you have your own opinion, do not be afraid to express it, perhaps your ratings or the online editing services reviews will help other photographers or newcomers find the right and convenient company for themselves that will satisfy all their requests.