At present time it is immensely popular to make photos any time you wish – while jogging, having snack, dancing in a club or walking with your pet. Besides, stylish youngsters, socialites and just common people are professional photos hungry – you can rarely find pictures of bad quality on the Instagram or Facebook or other famous social nets. Besides, there is a tradition to photograph while important events such as wedding ceremony, birthday, prom and so on. That is why in the world of business we may find not only professional photographers but also retouchers and editors who work in team to make your life unforgettable. 

However it is crucial sometimes for a shooter to choose whether to work with a photo editing company or a freelance retoucher in order to get the best results. That is why there exists an amount of articles dedicated to this very choice between freelance image editing and photo editing company for photographers. One of these articles is written by Leslie Flores, a professional photographer. She compares freelance and outsourcing photo editing services and shares her experience concerning the work with them. 

Leslie tells us how she was searching for well-qualified specialists and also adds that it is essential for a company to have a good reputation. The search was thorough in order to give us good recommendations and she describes a well-known freelance retouching platform – Upwork. 

You may find lots of upwork retoucher profiles and the number of people to cooperate with is really big. But, of course, if you need a specialist of high level it is necessary to view quite a lot offers since not all of them may meet your demands.

The next step is the creation of an account on Upwork, if you want to post you requirements and find upwork photo retoucher according to them. The account creation doesn`t take long and it is quite convenient. You need to give clear instructions and demands in your announcement for you to find the most sophisticated and laborious retoucher who will understand you and make your photos the most admirable. As it has been already mentioned, Leslie has some working experience with Upwork site and thus she is eager to give some important tips which can be helpful.

So, first of all she advises that cheap isn`t always good. If you want to hire knowledgeable freelance retoucher you have to be ready to pay more than for the work of an average or unexperienced editor – at least 25 dollars per hour. Besides, in India work freelance retouching specialists who don`t charge much money, but the quality of their services is rather low. 

Leslie continues that we should pay attention to place where an upwork photo retoucher lives. It is easier and more convenient to work with people from the USA or European countries, for instance, freelance retoucher London since they have generally accepted standards of professional photo editing services. What is more, they speak English and in such a way it won`t be difficult to reach mutual understanding. Thus, while searching a freelancer you may also ask a cover letter to make sure that a person is interested in getting the job you offer. 

One more advice is to make your announcement serious and important. You may write that you are looking for a freelance photo retoucher not only for one order, but you have a desire to collaborate with them further – you have plenty of tasks to offer. In such a way you may attract more retouch masters and you will have wider choice. Today it is essential to find stable work and permanent cooperation since in such a way it is possible to earn more and save for the future.

Leslie Flores also adds that the process of freelance photo retoucher search is sometimes laborious and time-consuming. You will have to wait 2 or 3 days until you find someone who can be one of the best photo retouchers. Don`t hurry and try to understand that people who write at once can be those who are in dire need of work or money or someone who is awake (don`t forget about time lag).You need competent and proven retoucher that is why it is better to be more attentive and scrupulous. 

As for the communication on Upwork in terms of photo editing process you may do it with the help of your laptop or mobile app. Evidently, it can be sometimes difficult and not very handy because of life style difference, time, workload and so on. 

When it comes to pricing on Upwork, Leslie recommends that you shouldn`t be mean. If you are going to work with a diligent and clever retouch master you should be ready to pay enough money since the quality often depends on price. Moreover, the more advanced level of services photo editing company or freelance photo retoucher offers the more money you are likely to pay.

Working in the sphere of freelance photo editing you need also keep in mind safety of your private photos. Of course, photo editing services specialists must guarantee privacy but, unfortunately, there exists a possibility that someone else will see your photographs.

If we are speaking about outsource photography editing that Leslie got in the end the quality of post processing was rather low. Upwork retoucher profiles she looked through were serious and promising that is why she decided to rely on them. However, the results fell short of expectations – their professional photo editing services didn`t satisfy her at all.

The final part of the article runs about photo editing companies. Leslie chose 3 of them – Fixthephoto, Weedit photos and Wedding Retouching. The photographer gives the general description of these photo editing outsourcing companies and the level of photo editing process. 

It was quick and easy to create an account and upload pictures on the sites and it was much more convenient in comparison with the platform. It took approximately 10 minutes to do all that and that was great. When it came to communication it was pleasant to work with every image editing company as they speak English fluently and can answer all my questions in details. The sites are users-friendly and technical support is of high level. 

Speaking about prices it can be said that they are reasonable. It is no wonder that outsourcing photo editing services have different prices, but Leslie paid 5 dollars per picture as she needed advanced level of outsource photo retouching. A person should read carefully about all the packages they offer and pay close attention to every detail as everybody wants to get good results in the long run. 

As for privacy and confidentiality according to Leslie it is more preferable to work with a photo editing company. The team of specialists is sure to guarantee that your pictures won`t be posted anywhere, you can trust them and rely on their professionalism.

At last it should be said about the quality of outsource image editing. In comparison with freelance photo retouching professionals of these companies satisfy Leslie`s requirements. The work is qualified and efficient and retouching is for sure of desirable level.

To sum it up, I`d like to share my personal opinion with you. Judging from the article the problem of choice between freelancers and picture editing companies is quite topical, since it touches upon the question of quality, work communication, privacy and price. In my opinion it is more reasonable to rely on a photo editing company since they have an organized, competent team of ambitious, conscientious and self-motivated workers who are specialized in photo retouching and retouching. They have more privileges and strong points as it is the main source of their income and thus they give more prominence to the work and are sure to be more hard-working. Besides, such aspects as the site structure, technical support, chat and communication are much better that those in the platform. So, as for me, I`d better work with a photo editing company.